Treesome Bracelet
Treesome Bracelet
Treesome Bracelet


Treesome Bracelet

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1. Real trees are planted with every purchase. Every minute about the size of 17 footballfields of rainforest are cut down, or just even burnt down worldwide. Therefore, let's take action!

2. Jobs get created 
through our planting and reforestation program. Local workers and their families are supported in many ways. Erden-Project helps them to build up a normal and sustainable life again.

3. Give back animals their habitats!
Many species are endangered through the deforestation of the rainforests. With our project, we enable new wildlife to grow again and protect it.

4. Reverse the big carbon dioxide impact
which we humans have already caused to the planet. Reverse your impact which is an average of four tons per year! One tree absorbs about one ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. So we better plant a lot.



The projects are located in Peru / Madagaskar / Nepal / Haiti / Mozambique / Kenya / Indonesia

The accessory with a deeper meaning, the tree of life!
For our planet, for your style. A nice gift for everybody!

Bracelet: 100% Recycling Plastic 
Card: 100% Recycling Paper
Length: Adjustable
Pendant: Metal Alloy


Erden-Project is engaging with non-profit organizations focused on planting trees and helping the rainforest re-cultivate in the countries mentioned above. You will receive updates via email and our social media platforms.